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QC3.0 USB CHARGING CABLE Common Questions and answers


QC3.0 USB CHARGING CABLE Common Questions and answers

Question : Will this fast charge an iphone x through the usb c port?

Answer:Fast charging, I doubt it. Apple may have a fast charger for the6 X, but the above charger isn't "fast", just efficient. 

Question:Does the qc3.0 port automatically detect which type of non-qc device and charge it at its own max rate? for example ipad, iphone, android tablet/phon.

Answer:For non-QC devices, the maximum output of the charger is 5V2.4A. The voltage will be maintained at 5V, and the current will be adjusted according to the access device so as to provide suitable power. 

Question:Will this charge the nintendo switch while playing in handheld mode using the usb-c port?

Answer: I haven't specifically tried this but I don't see why it wouldn't. It's worked on everything else I've tried. 

Question: Does this rapid charge a pixel phone when using the usb-c port?

Answer: No. The output of the USB-C port is always DC 5V/3A. 

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