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TOSLINK Splitter

    • TOSLINK Splitter
    • TOSLINK Splitter
Detailed Product Description


Send your Fibre Optic Digital Audio data to two separate devices. This splitter provides easy, flexible solutions for distributing audio signal from one Digital TOSLINK source to two digital optical enabled devices.

The High quality TOSLINK Optical Splitter takes One TOSLINK Input (Female) and duplicates the signals to Two TOSLINK Outputs (Female). All you need to do is connect optical cables to each end and away you go!

This product is designed for transmitting very high quality Digital Audio signals. Please refer to the connectors on each of your devices/cables to ensure you are matching your Male plugs with matching Female sockets and visa-versa.

Product performance:

1.One TOSLINK Input (Female) duplicates the signal to Two TOSLINK Outputs (Female)

2.Slimline Spacer for a neat finish.

3.Colours: Black with Silver Sockets.

4. Send the data to two separate devices

5.Gold Pin


Note: This passive splitter may reduce effective cable run lengths.

Note: Using this splitter in reverse as a 'manual switch' is not a supported

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