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S-Video to Composite Adapter

    •  S-Video to Composite Adapter
    •  S-Video to Composite Adapter
Detailed Product Description



This adapter is perfect for connecting an S-Video source into an RCA slot. Great for older devices that don't have an S-Video in. 24K gold connecters provide superior conductivity and accurate signal transfer.For use with a VCR, DVD, Video Camera and other S-Video devices.Works in both directions: Composite video source or S-Video source.

Product performance:

1. S-Video Converter Adapter converts any S-Video cable or port with male connector into S-Video female.

2. It uses 75ohm conductors and can be used to connect two S-Video cables with male connectors.

3. S-Video Female Adapter: Mini4 Female to Female

4. Golden Plated for the connector pins.

5. Application
DVD,VCD,laser disc,VCR, camcorder, cable/DSS receiver or multimedia PC to AV receiver, TV or monitor

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