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    • 360°REVOLVE HDMI
    • 360°REVOLVE HDMI
    • 360°REVOLVE HDMI
Detailed Product Description


Ideal for connecting to HDMI ports in cramped or hard-to-reach areas, the XO® HDMI 360 Degree Swivel and Rotate Adapter has a pivot design, which gives you greater control of the cable. Heavy HDMI cables, as well as the frequent plugging-in and unplugging of cables put unnecessary strain on your equipment. With the Swivel and Rotate Adapter, you'll have the same quality connection as with a regular HDMI male to female adapter, but with added flexibility and protection against wear and tear. Great for tidying tricky cable routes close to the HDTV and wall, and especially useful for easing the strain on the HDMI connectors.

      Adjustable 360° HDMI connector.
      Connectors: HDMI Male to Female.
      Connecter: Gold plated.
      Swivel and rotate action allows you to connect to cables without obstructing adjacent HDMI ports.
      Current Rating: DC 1A.
      Withstanding Voltage: DC 300V, 10ms.
      Insulation Resistance: 10Mohm.
      Conductive Resistance: 20hm.
      Version: High speed with Ethernet.

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